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What is a VPS (Virtual Private Server)?

A Virtual Private Server (VPS) is a virtualised single tenant server solution deployed in a hosted environment as a service.

VPS systems are deployed on shared infrastructure using virtual machine or hypervisor technologies such as Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer or VMware vSphere. This shared infrastructure platform that delivers the VPS is also known as a ‘Cloud’ or ‘Public Cloud’.

A VPS is allocated dedicated resources including compute, memory and storage, which can be scaled upward as needed.

A VPS is deployed with its own unique operating system in which super-user (EG: root / administrator) level access is provided to the subscriber. This allows the subscriber to configure any aspect of the operating system or install any compatible applications.


Power VPS

Our most affordable and premium cloud service that delivers a tailored solution for individuals and businesses.
Located in Melbourne’s south east suburbs. Multi ISO Certified


Managed VPS

The managed VPS solution gives you high performace, scalability and a piece of mind managed by Web24. If you rather focus on your business, this is perfect for you!


MissionCritical VPS

High Availability Windows, Linux, Plesk, WHM and cPanel VPS for business critical websites/applications. If service interuption is a significant impact to your business operations, you need our MissionCritical VPS.