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Server Management

Web24 Server Management

Web24’s professional support with the around the clock help with 24×7 Technical Support.
Includes 24×7 Monitoring and Heartbeat Checks.
Alerts generated from Heartbeat Checks are sent to Web24 support staff for proactive investigation and attempted remedy.

  • Web24’s Server Management plans
  • 24 hour phone support
  • Two tiers to suit your requirements

Service Details

Linux and Windows Certified Server Management Plans

24×7 Extended Support Included in Server Management

  • Individual Support Ticket enquiries (per issue) will receive up to 30 minutes of troubleshooting or investigating time, on a best efforts basis, for the below support categories.
    • Ensure network accessible and routable via their subscribed public IPv4 address/es
    • Ensure SSH and RDP access to VPS or DS
    • Ensure client is not blocked by IDS / IPS
    • Plesk Control Panel support*
    • cPanel/WHM Control Panel support*
    • System resources checks (once per month & upon request)
    • Installation of Web24 supplied SSL certificate to a Web24 supplied Server

Further troubleshooting time may be purchased at our standard hourly rates (currently $198 inc. GST).

  • Web24 will pro-actively receive the alerts generated by Heartbeat Checks to investigate and attempt to restore SSH or RDP access.
  • 24 Hour Phone Support


Server Management ($149/mo)

Setup and Connectivity

Provisioning of server Included Included
Installation of operating system and default software Included Included
Server reboots (on request) Included Included
Ensure IPv4 address availability Included Included

Technical Support

24×7 Email Support Network Only Included
24×7 Phone Support Network Only Included

Infrastructure and Network Monitoring

24×7 network & hardware monitoring Included Included
DDOS protection Included Included

Server Administration

OS Updates – On request Included
Software installation using OS (yum, easy apache, cPanel) – On request Included
Apache/Litespeed optimisation (on request) Included
MySQL/MariaDB service optimisation (on request) Included


Installation and basic configuration of cPanel/WHM Included
Website, Email, MySQL setup with cPanel/WHM Included

Website and Application Support

Installation of apps through cPanel or Softaculous (best effort basis) – On request Included
Manual installation of software packages (best effort basis) – on request Included
Installation and support of third party apps
Website and content management

Firewall & Security

Ensure client able to connect to SSH/RDP (firewall unblock) Included Included
Apache/PHP optimisation Included
Config Server Firewall (CSF) installation – Linux only Included
Vulnerability scanner / Anti virus Included
Server hardening Included

Add Server Management to your New Server at Checkout
OR CALL 1300 493 224 for existing servers

Internal Heartbeat (Ping, SSH/RDP) Alerts Sent to Web24 Support

  • Web24 will monitor your Server for availability on the following network protocols or ports:
    • Linux Servers: ICMP (Ping) and SSH (Port 22)
    • Windows Servers: ICMP (Ping) and RDP (Port 3389)
  • Service Monitoring alerts are sent to Web24 Support Staff as per the Extended Support service.

Terms & Conditions

  1. Changes to the default ports for SSH and RDP will need to be communicated to Web24 service desk to ensure the Heartbeat Check continues to work. Failure to do so will result in excessive false alerts.
  2. Alerts are sent to one email address and/or one Australian mobile phone number.
  3. To manage the data retention policy, 30 days’ notice of service termination is required. At the end of the termination period, all customer data held on the Web24 backup servers may be deleted.
  4. Customers that require Web24 to backup MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases that were not preinstalled at time of order need to contact Web24 to discuss options. This includes database software that was installed after server build.