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5 Ways to Confirm That Your Invoice is Legitimate

A frequently asked question we receive in the Accounts Team is “How can I tell my invoice is really from Web24?” With all the invoicing scams in our inbox’s these days it can be hard to tell. The scammers seem to be getting very clever and unfortunately they rake in thousands of dollars every year.

So that you don’t fall prey to these fraudsters, find below my 5 top tips on how to tell that your invoice is legitimate.

  1. Know who you’re hosting and domain is registered with – This is a vital piece of information that you should keep noted down. With domains being registered once a year or even every two years and with hosting that can be renewed up to 3 years in advance, it can be hard to remember. However if you clearly know who your domain and hosting live with, it’s the best information you can have.


  1. Check the email address – When you receive a renewal notice, before even opening the attached file check the email address it has been sent from. Web24 will always send you renewal notices from a @web24.com.au email address. If it is anything else don’t open it.



  1. Check every form of correspondence – If you receive a hosting or renewal order via snail mail, it’s not from Web24. Web24 never send renewal notices by post. On the odd occasion we will send an outstanding invoice notice but this will always be accompanied with a letter on a Web24 official letter head.


  1. Look out for the ABN number – All renewal notice emails and or tax invoices will include our ABN number. Keep your eye out for it, ABN: 24 601 377 904.


  1. Confirm the invoice via the Customer Portal – If your still unsure if the renewal order you are viewing is legitimate you can always check via your Web24 Customer Portal. You can log into your Customer Portal via the Web24 website, click on the Account tab and select Billing History. In this section you will be able to find copies of all renewal orders and invoices issued by Web24. You can select a document number and it will display the invoice for you. You can even download it in PDF format.

Don’t let these sneaky thieves steal your money! If all else fails, you can always call our friendly Accounts Team for assistance.

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