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Transfer Your Hosting and Domain Names to another account

A product transfer occurs when you want to:

  • Remove a particular domain name or hosting package from an existing account and give it to someone else, or
  • Administer a domain name and or hosting package from your own account (if the services are currently billed to someone else). com-au-logo1

Change of Registrant

If you are selling a business and currently have an Australian .com.au domain name in your account then you will need to issue a change of registrant on the domain. If you don’t own a .com.au domain then proceed to the next section Update The Billing Information.

Although you can update the contact details of a domain name from within your AUSWEB Client Area you won’t be able to change the company name or ABN/ACN attached to the domain as this is considered to be a registrant ownership change.

A registrant ownership change is the process of transferring the ownership of an Australian domain name ending in .au from one legal entity to another. A transfer of ownership will also need to meet the eligibility requirements to hold the registration of an Australian domain name.

The cost of the Transfer of Ownership is a $95 one off fee. You can order this from clicking on the link below:


Once the Change of Registrant has been completed then you can proceed to the next section Update The Billing Information.

Update The Billing Information kuser

If a third party has agreed to take over payment of both your domain name and hosting then the simplest approach to is update all the contact details into the new account holders name.

If you are looking to keep certain products in your account and would like to transfer specific products to another account then proceed to the section Transfer Products To A New Account.

1. If you have a credit card attached to the account then call us on 02 90459500. Once we have verified your security details we’ll remove the card from the account and direct you to teh next step below.

2. Log into the Client Area at:


2. Once logged in, click on “Update Your Details”.

3. On the following page, change the contact details as required and then select “Save Changes”

For a more comprehensive guide, see the link below:

Updating Your Personal Information

4. You can now advise the other party that all of the contact details including the email address have been updated into their name.

They will need to reset the password for the Client Area so that you no long have access to it. They can do this by visiting:


On this page they enter their email address and a password reset procedure will be initiated allowing them to change the password.

Transfer Products To A New Account upgrade-icon4

If you would prefer to keep your AUSWEB account active then you will need to transfer specific products out of your account and into a new account created by the other party.

1. Ask the new account holder to create an account with AUSWEB via the following link:


2. Once they have created the account they will need to isse a support ticket confirming which hosting products and domain names they require to be transferred into their account.

Full instructions on how to raise a support ticket can be viewed at:

Submitting Support Tickets

3. You will also need to raise a suport ticket confirming which products are to be transferred.

4. When we receive both requests our accounts department will transfer the specific products to the correct account. The password for the hosting account will then be reset and sent to the new owner.

5. You will need to make the necessary arrangements with the new owner to ensure that you no longer retain access to any web site administration area or mailboxes contained within the account. AUSWEB is not responsible for the ongoing access to web site administration area or mailboxes that are contained within the hosting account.