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Stealth Nameserver Records

This tutorial will explain what stealth nameserver records are

Stealth nameserver records are sent when the authoritative zone file has been delegated to a different pair of nameservers.

e.g, at the registrar, I delegate the following nameservers for web24domain.com:


However, when a user queries the nameservers, they inform the user that the zone has been delegated elsewhere under the following nameservers:


The user then queries the delegated nameservers for the appropriate records and the lookup is completed.

Additional Information

1. Although Stealth NS records are valid, they can sometimes indicate a problem in your zone configuration.

For example, Stealth NS records can be sent if only 2/3 of your ‘hypothetical’ nameservers are configured at the registry, and all 3/3 nameservers are assigned as authoritative within your zone file; this will cause 1/3 of your nameservers to be sent as a Stealth NS record.

2. Stealth NS records can be created by using the NS Resource Record in your zone-file. Here is an example of how your zone file might look if you had stealth NS records:

At the registrar:

web24domain.com IN NS ns1.web24.com.au
web24domain.com IN NS ns2.web24.com.au

In the zone file:

web24domain.com IN NS ns1.web24domain.com
web24domain.com IN NS ns2.web24domain.com