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Resetting your Client Area Password

Our firewall protects your account from malicious intruders by blocking any unsuccessful attempts to log into your account. If you are attempting to log into an email account, the control panel or even your own web site with the wrong credentials then you may find that the firewall has blocked

Log into the Client Area found at https://my.web24.com.au/clientarea.php

Click on “My Services” and then select “Manage Services”.


Click on the “Unban Center” button.


On the following page select the hosting product that you want to manage.


The page will report your current IP address. Click on the “Check IP” button to see if your IP address is currently being blocked.


If it is, then click on the “Unblock” button to remove the specified IP address from the firewall.

A message will appear onscreen confirming that the IP address has been removed.