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Preview a Website on a cPanel Server

The cPanel control panel allows you to preview a website using the IP address of the server. This feature is useful to preview the website before changing the DNS records for the domain.


  • Confirm that the website preview option is not disabled. To confirm this, login to the WHM control panel and go to Home » Security Center » Apache mod_userdir Tweak and confirm that Enablemod_userdirProtection is unchecked. This will enable the preview option for all the domains.


  • If the Enablemod_userdirProtection option is checked, you can enable the preview feature for a specific domain by excluding it as shown below:cpanel-preview-website2
  • Once you have confirmed that the website preview is enabled for the domain, you can preview the website using following URL:

o   Where is IP address assigned to the domain

o   Username is the cPanel account username

  • You can find the IP address and username by logging into the WHM control panel and going to : Home » Account Information » List Accounts