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Named.conf – How to fix a corrupted named.conf in cpanel

Sometimes named.conf gets corrupted on cPanel server.

You can see that by creating a DNS report with http://massivedns.com and your nameservers records do not have any IP addresses listed .

Here is the way to fix that in cpanel servers.

First of all move the corrupted named.conf using the following command

root@cpanelserver[~]# mv /etc/named.conf /etc/named.conf.bak

Now simply execute the cpanel script to rebuild the named.conf

root@cpanelserver[~]# /usr/local/cpanel/scripts/rebuilddnsconfig

And restart the named service:

root@cpanelserver[~]#/etc/init.d/named restart

All should be fine again

You can find additional information below:

DNS Functions

(Home >> DNS Functions)

This section of WHM provides access to basic functions for your server’s Domain Name System (DNS) data.

  • Add a DNS Zone — This interface allows you to set up a DNS zone on your server. A DNS zone is an administrative space or portion of the domain name system. This space directs traffic to the correct locations.
  • Add an A Entry for Your Hostname — An A entry, also known as an A record or an address record, consists of data that resides in your server’s DNS zone files. The A entry matches a hostname or domain name with an IP address. A correct A entry is essential if you wish to allow visitors to find your server on the Internet.
  • Delete a DNS Zone — This interface allows you to delete DNS zones from your server.
  • Edit DNS Zone — This interface allows you to edit the records in a domain’s DNS zone file.
  • Edit MX Entry — This interface allows you to list destination mail servers and designate a priority value for each server.
  • Edit Zone Templates — This interface allows you to modify the templates that cPanel & WHM uses to create DNS zone files for new domains.
  • NS Record Report — This interface allows you to add and remove nameserver IP addresses on your server. This is useful if, for example, you need to modify the nameserver configuration that you set up in the Basic cPanel & WHM Setup interface (Home >> Server Configuration >> Basic cPanel & WHM Setup).
  • Park a Domain — This interface allows you to configure parked domains. A parked domain is a secondary domain that points to the user’s primary domain.
  • Perform a DNS Cleanup — This interface allows you to perform a cleanup of your DNS configuration. This function is useful if your BIND configuration file is corrupt, or if you have duplicate nameserver configuration files that cause DNS problems for your server.
  • Reset a DNS Zone — This interface allows you to reset a DNS zone file to its default values.
  • Setup/Edit Domain Forwarding — This interface allows you to redirect one domain to another domain. This is useful, for example, if you wish to temporarily redirect visitors while a site is down for maintenance.
  • Synchronize DNS Records — This interface allows you to synchronize the DNS records across multiple servers. This is useful if, for example, you use a DNS cluster setup, but find that some servers in the DNS cluster give outdated responses to DNS queries.



  • For more information about the named (BIND) nameserver software, visit BIND’s website.
  • For more information about the NSD (Name Server Daemon) nameserver software, visit NSD’s website.