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Joomla Performance Tips

This tutorial provides some Joomla Performance Tips

The performance increase obtained will vary from site to site depending on variables like server hardware, type of hosting etc that you have for your Joomla site.

To view our Joomla demo site with a custom template installed, please click on the thumbnail to the right. The site also includes other customizations made by our development team including Simple Image Gallery which is a great way to show off images and create photo galleries within page content.

Hosting Options

Dedicated Server Hosting

From a performance point of view the dedicated hosting solution is the ideal option for your Joomla site because you will be the only site using the CPU / Memory / Disk and MYSQL resources. This means your Joomla site is less likely to suffer from any major performance issues. Dedicated hosting starts from $259 dollars per month, but if you want a stable, fast server environment then this is the solution for you. Also remember memory plays an important role when it comes to server performance, the more memory you have the better. Information and pricing on our dedicated server solutions.

Shared Hosting for Joomla

Shared hosting is the most popular choice because it is affordable and includes lots of functionality, bandwidth and disk space. The down side from a performance point of view is you will be hosting on the same server as 100 other web sites who will be using the same resources ( CPU / memory / Disk space / ) as you. If you have a high traffic site with lots of members this could have an impact on the performance of your Joomla! site.

All Web24’s shared Linux hosting accounts include Fantastico Deluxe (an automated application installer) in your control panel. With a few mouse clicks you can have Joomla installed and ready to go.

Joomla Template

The template you use for your Joomla content management system can have an impact on the performance of your site if not optimized correctly. When choosing or developing a Joomla template for your site take into consideration the following points

  • Make sure the template uses valid XHTML / CSS code. If the code is incorrect it will take more time for the browser to render the page. There are lots of online tools available which you can use to check / validate your code.
  • Optimize your images, the smaller the file size the better
  • The less images the better. You can create an effective, eye catching template for Joomla using CSS without the use of images.
  • Check the code ( CSS / Index.php ) for images which may not be referenced correctly in the CSS.
  • Try and avoid using Flash or Java script.

Disable statistics reports

Disabling the Joomla statistics function can improve the performance ( page load time ) of your CMS. If this is enabled, every time some visits your site data is written to the MYSQL database. To disable this option select site / global configuration and statistics. All Web24 hosting packages include AWStats which gives you detailed information on traffic and visitors.

Enable Caching

By default the cache option for Joomla is not enabled but by enabling this option for your site you will see a performance increase. You can configure caching for page content as well as module content.


As well as the included Joomla modules there are many 3rd party modules available to add extra functionality to your Joomla site. The more modules you add to your front page the longer it will take to load, if you plan to use modules then assign them to specific pages.

Error reporting

Switching off error reporting for Joomla is another action that can improve the performance of your site. To switch off error reporting select Global Configuration / Server Tab / Set the error reporting to None.


Check the mambots you have enabled and disable the bots your no longer require. Enabling mambots that you are not using just slows down your site.

Joomla! is the perfect Content Management System for managing and developing your website with one of WEB24’s cPanel Hosting plans.