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Install Maldet on a Linux System

Maldet is an open-source malware scanner for Linux systems. You can get more information on Maldet from the following link: https://www.rfxn.com/projects/linux-malware-detect/

Note: This is 3rd party software. Use it at your own discretion.


  • SSH to your Linux server as root using an SSH client such as PuTTY.
  • Download the latest version of maldet using the following command:

# wget http://www.rfxn.com/downloads/maldetect-current.tar.gz

  • Once the file is downloaded, extract the file. This will create a new subdirectory.

# tar -xvf maldetect-current.tar.gz

  • Navigate into the directory and run the install script.

# cd maldetect-1.4.2/
# ./install.sh

  • The installation script automatically installs a scheduled task at /etc/cron.daily/maldet to run a scan daily.
  • Based on the control panel installed on the server, the script with scan the appropriate directories. If you do not have any control panel installed, it scans the default Apache document root /var/www/html. If you are using a custom document root, please update the script accordingly.
  • To manually run the scan run following command:

# maldet –a /path

  • To view the complete list of available options run following command:

# maldet -–help

  • Maldet can be configured to send an email if it detects malware on your server. To configure this, you will need to:
    • Open /usr/local/maldetect/conf.maldet in a text editor such as vi
    • Update the following parameters as shown:

    email_addr=”[email protected]

    • Save settings and exit the text editor.