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How to install and develop your Joomla site using the Temporary URL

If you’re domain name is not yet pointing to your AUSWEB Hosting account and you would like to test and develop your new Joomla site then you can install Joomla on your temporary URL.

Installing Joomla on your Temporary URL

  1. Use Installatron and install Joomla normally.
  2. Using your favorite file editor (such as the cPanel File Manager), edit the configuration.php file in your Joomla root folder and make the following changes:

    public $live_site = '';


    public $live_site = '';
    In this example we use a fictitious IP address, where as you would have all ready received your temporary IP address in your AUSWEB welcome email.
    If you’re not sure what to use as your Temporary URL, please just contact us via the helpdesk

After following the above steps, you can visit your temporary url and your Joomla site will function normally.