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Identify Disk Space Usage on a Windows Server

To find which files/folders are consuming the most space on your Windows server, you can use a disk usage analyser tool such as WinDirStat.

It represents the disk usage in a graphical manner which is easy to understand. It is an open source project and can be downloaded using the below link: http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/windirstat/

Note: WinDirStat is a third party software, use it at your own risk.


  • Download the latest version of WinDirStat from the above link.
  • Launch WinDirStat and select the drives you want to check and click OK. Allow the program to scan the selected drives. This could take several minutes.
  • Once completed, WinDirStat will display the current disk usage in each drive. Click on the + sign next to the drive to see the disk usage sorted by directories.
  • Continue expanding the directories using the + sign to check the size of sub-directories.

Identify Disk Space

You can get detailed information about WinDirStat from the following URL: http://windirstat.info/index.html

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