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Export databases and tables using phpMyAdmin

This tutorial will show you how to export databases and tables using phpMyAdmin

Now let’s learn how to export a database

Click the database you wish to export here


Then click the Export button


In this case, we want to export the entire database in SQL format, so we can easily import it later. This is a good way to backup your database


Be sure to check any options you want before proceeding

Check the Save as File checkbox, then click Go


That’s it! The demo1234_members database has been exported to our local computer

If you only wanted to export a table, and not the entire database, follow these steps

Remember that exporting tables only exports the selected tables within a database, whereas exporting a database will export all tables as well (provided they’re all selected)

That’s it! The details table has been exported to its own file

This is the end of the tutorial. You now know how to export databases and tables using phpMyAdmin