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How to Duplicate a cPanel MySQL Database

Do you want to duplicate or copy a cPanel MySQL database? This can be done using phpMyAdmin by following the steps below: mysql-logo-300x155

Note: It’s important that you BACKUP your database first before performing the steps below.

  1. Login to your cPanel Account
  2. Create a new Database with the cPanel MySQL Wizard
  3. Select the “phpMyAdmin” icon
  4. Select the database you wish to copy from the list in the left-hand sidebar
  5. Select the “Operations” tab
  6. Scroll down to “Copy database to:”.
  7. Enter the new database name using the Cpanel name format (with the username_ prefixed)  and select “structure and data” to copy everything.
  8. Check the box “Add AUTO_INCREMENT value.”
  9. Click on the Go button to proceed.

You should now see your duplicated database in the list within the left-hand sidebar.