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Domain Name Propagation

Once you make changes to your domain with the registrar you purchased your domain from, the domain name propagation changes will take anywhere from 5 minutes to 72 hours for propagation to occur depending on your ISP and how often they update the DNS records (“flush” their DNS Cache, much like the way your web browser’s cache can be cleared). globe_icon-300x300

Domain name propagation is the process of your registrar handing off the changes of your domain to root DNS servers.

ISPs acquire records from the root servers, ISPs to other ISPs and so on until you see the changes reflect on your computer with your internet service provider. Some service providers update their records more often than others and receive changes faster. As a result of this, often you will not be able to get to your website by its’ domain name but a friend can. Simply wait out until the changes propagate to your ISP.

In the meantime we provide you an IP and temporary address in your welcome email which allow you to start working on your site immediately. This bypasses the propagation process, as it does not utilize your domain to create connections, but rather using the server’s address, which has already propagated beforehand.

What is Domain Name Propagation?

DNS propagation is the time delay between the time you make DNS changes on your authoritative DNS servers, usually at your hosting provider, and the time it takes for these changes to be seen by your end users and customers.