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cPanel Username and Password

This tutorial explains what a cPanel Username and Password is and how it’s used within your AUSWEB hosting account. cpanel-large-300x85

Usually the cPanel Username and Password is in the first paragraph of the welcoming email. Until you change them, they’re needed to authenticate everything from FTP, to Email access, Control Panel, and MS FrontPage if you’re using it. In short, use this Username and Password for any access you’re attempting to your account.

Accessing your account via its URL

If you’ve just signed up, chances are you’ve begun the process of a domain transfer to our servers. In all likelihood, it will take anywhere from 48 to 72 hours for all worldwide DNS records to reflect you domain name as pointing to our servers. While everything in our welcoming email refers to the domain you signed up, we recommended you use the accompanying “IP” number until you can verify your domain is actually answering to your new account on our servers.

Until such time as your domain is officially answering to our servers, you can use your new username to access and setup your web site.

For example, if your assigned domain was frank.com and you user ID is frank , your welcoming email would provide the IP http://IPADDRESS/~frank/ as an option for accessing your new account.

Again, it’s a great way to test all those features and make sure everything is functioning smoothly before launching your web to the world.

Let’s try an example:

Your username is frank
Your Domain is “frank.com” or “frank.net”
Your IP address is “”

To reach your account via the web, you would call this site as:

Don’t forget the ~ (tilde) before your name!

Check your welcoming email for the IP number and Username, which was assigned to your account.

When your new DNS settings have propagated across the worlds DNS servers, you’ll be able to access your domain by calling it the standard way, which is http://www.yourdomain.com.