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WordPress Shortcodes: Our Top Ten

Here at Web24 we have a huge number of users running WordPress websites from personal blogs, to business oriented websites and even us here on the AUSWEB Blog!

Thanks to the huge community of WordPress users there exists a huge pool of custom scripting, plugin and theme/design resources out there for you to add various features to your blog. Often overlooked however are some of the more recent in-built features for WordPress such as shortcodeswhich allow you to easily call php functions within your posts, thus saving time by speeding up repeated tasks.

Our Top Ten WordPress Shortcodes

Here’s a handy list of 10 useful shortcodes to speed up everything from integrating AdSense advertising into your posts, to displaying your Blog stats and even automatically creating short-url’s that are twitter friendly! Take a look here, 10 incredibly cool WordPress shortcodes.

For more information on the ShortCode API for WordPress you can also visit their documentation.