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Privacy in Ubuntu 12.10 Amazon Ad and Data Leaks

EFF says that Ubuntu 12.10 is a major privacy problem for its users. It collects lots of data (including your search results) and send it to 3rd party such as Facebook, Twitter, BBC and Amazon. Every GNU/Linux distro should respect users’ privacy and security. Good read!

Learn more about privacy in Ubuntu

Earlier this month the eagerly awaited free software operating system Ubuntu 12.10 was released, and it includes a slew of new features (YouTube link), some of which have infuriated users because of privacy concerns.

Over the last couple of years Canonical Ltd, the company that develops Ubuntu, has been pushing the Ubuntu desktop in new directions with the desktop environment called Unity. A key feature of Unity is Dash, a single place to search for apps, documents, music, and other data on your computer. Starting with the latest release of Ubuntu, Dash is also starting to search the Internet for you. While some people find this convenient, others find it a violation of their privacy. Luckily, Ubuntu makes it easy to turn this off. Scroll down to “How to Disable Amazon Ads and Data Leaks” to learn how.

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