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Joomla! 3.2.1 Released


The Joomla! Project and the Production Leadership Team are proud to announce the release of Joomla! 3.2.1 which resolves a significant number of issues and bugs.

If you are currently running Joomla! 3.2, we recommend that you apply this update immediately via either the one-click update or the update downloads available at http://www.joomla.org/download.html. For other versions of the 3.x series, applying the update is recommended at the next convenient opportunity.

What’s in 3.2.1?

Thanks to the hard work of 62 different volunteer contributors, over 125 bugs have been resolved with the 3.2.1 release of the Joomla! CMS. Part of that effort came from a bug squash event held at the Joomla! World Conference in early November. The Bug Squad also paid particular attention to solving lockout issues associated with the administrator login password hashing and the Remember Me features under certain circumstances. Please see http://community.joomla.org/blogs/leadership/1790-update-on-321-and-security-enhancements.html for more information about this.

See http://developer.joomla.org/version-3-2-1-release-notes.html for details of the tracker items fixed.

The Production Leadership Team’s goal is to continue to provide regular, frequent updates to the Joomla community. Learn more about Joomla! development at the Joomla! Developer Network.