Data Centre

Sydney Data Centre Information

APDC Data Centre, Sydney NSW


  • 1.5Mw Facility
  • Upto 7.2Kw per rack (32 amps)
  • A + B power feeds to each rack feeding from independent sources
  • 1.5MW Caterpillar diesel generator provides backup power in case of power failure
  • 2 days of generator fuel capacity in case of power failure with a 4 hour refill guarantee
  • Cold aisle containment for a greener datacentre


  • 24/7 Onsite Security
  • 24/7 CCTV
  • Biometric Facial recognition access
  • Multiple security access points


  • All equipment is maintained and monitored in a climate controlled environment
  • The entire facility infrastructure is monitored 24/7 (CRACs, fire panels, chillers, generators, UPS, etc.)
  • Under floor and over rack VESDA systems (Very Early Smoke Detection Apparatus)
  • N+ 1 CRAC redundancy, in case of Cooling failure


  • Housed in a 29060 sq ft building
  • Floor Loading = 250 kilograms/sq ft
  • 7 Tonne vehicle / goods lift with access direct into the facility
  • Zero flood zone location
  • 3 guest lifts direct to the DC
  • Store room to collect deliveries for customers
  • 24 / 7 / 365 access to your racks

Melbourne Data Centre Information

Fujitsu Data Centre, Melbourne Vic


  • Purpose built data centre, constructed in 1988
  • 2-hour fire rating on all data hall doors walls
  • Absence of external windows and signage


  • Situated 24 kilometres from Melbourne C.B.D. at Noble Park, Melbourne, VIC., Australia


  • Land 18,600m2
  • Building 6,700m2
  • Raised data hall+ 1,080m2
  • Plant and equipment area 1,760m2
  • Office area, work area and amenities 885m2
  • Parking area for up to 50 vehicles

Service Level Targets

  • 99% availability on all electrical and mechanical systems
  • Ambient temperature of 22 degrees +/-2 degrees
  • Relative humidity of 30-70%

Maintenance and Support

  • All infrastructure components monitored 24×7 by a nationally integrated BMS
  • Core infrastructure tested and maintained to manufacturers recommendations or better

Shipping and Receiving

  • Loading dock available 24×7 for shipping and receiving
  • Site-suitable lifting and moving equipment available

Electrical System

  • 2 x 4MVA main feeds via diverse entry points and pathways
  • 1800KW Diesel Rotary UPS in N+1 configuration
  • On-site fuel storage sufficient for 72 hours non-stop operations
  • Power allocation design of minimum 1000w per m2

Mechanical System

  • Closed loop chilled water piping system installed in diverse underfloor runs
  • Energy efficient chiller plant in a minimum N+1 configuration
  • 48X CRAC units placement providing hot/cold aisle cooling
  • Underfloor leak detection and off-floor drainage system
  • Mechanical system support by diesel power generation

Fire System

  • Early warning smoke detection (VESDA)
  • Smoke and fire detection installed under and above floor and in roof cavity
  • Dry-pipe, pre-action fire suppression

Security & Certification

  • 24×7 manned security office and personnel entrance check-point
  • Perimeter vehicular security check-points
  • CCTV monitoring and capture of perimeter and internal access
  • Proximity card access points to data hall and other secure areas
  • Certification to ISO-27001 Information Systems Security Management
  • 24×7 access permitted to authorised personnel


  • Carrier-neutrality
  • 2 diverse under-ground cable pathways to the building
  • Multiple telecommunications carriers are used to supply the external data communications links, enabling external connectivity redundancy. Currently these providers are Vocus Connect and Pipe Networks

Data Hall

  • Minimum 600mm raised floor
  • Floor rating to 1400kg per m load
  • Floor tile system resistant to Zinc whiskers
  • Earthing system

Green Initiatives

  • PUE and DCIE monitored and reported
  • Closed loop chilled water systems
  • Sensor lighting installed in data hall
  • Latest technology chiller utilising high COP
  • Heat reflective painted roof
ISO 27001

Information security management systems

ISO 14001

Environmental management system 

ISO 9001

Quality management systems

Tier 3 Datacentre

Certified and qualified to achieve industry leading redundancy and fault tolerance