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What is a Hypervisor VPS (VDS)

Having already read What is a VPS you will have picked up on the fact that Web24 loosely classifies numerous virtualization technologies into two categories. Operating System Level VPS and Hypervisor Based VPS. Each have their own purpose, and understanding the differences will help you to make a better decision on  what choice of server suits your needs best. If you're anxious to get your server online, just jump to the Hypervisor Comparison Page where we will give you some easy to follow recommendations on how to choose the best solution....

What is Hypervisor Virtualization?

A Hypervisor VPS uses true virtualization where each guest virtual machine or VPS is presented with its own set of virtualized hardware, as opposed to OS Level Virtualization where a VPS is using the underlying OS, kernel, hardware, drivers etc. A Hypervisor VPS runs in its own fully virtualized environment and has no dependency on underlying software.

So what does all this mean?

Full virtualization technologies provide a hypervisor, or virtual machine monitor (VMM) that runs on bare metal hardware. It is the hypervisors job to present a virtual operating platform (CPU's, RAM, Disks etc) to the VPS and to provide resource allocations and scheduling between guests.  The use of a hypervisor ensures that the resources assigned to your VPS can only be used by your VPS, thereby guaranteeing you consistent performance in a fully virtualized environment.

Hypervisor VM

This diagram shows how Hypervisor based virtualization provides a virtual operating platform and fully virtualized server to the end user.


When to use a Hypervisor VPS

  • If you absolutely need guaranteed performance and are willing to pay a little extra, then a hypervisor based solution will suite you best.
  • If you want or need a true Virtual Dedicated Server.
  • We highly recommend Microsoft Hyper-V VPS for all Windows servers.
  • If you have requirements for specific kernels or modules
  • If you want to be in full control of all updates and patches

When not to use a Hypervisor VPS

  • If you are budget conscience and running standard applications that don't need special kernels or modules then a VPS will be more cost effective.
  • If you want to have your Linux kernel updated and patched automatically by Web24
  • If you want to have your Windows server updated and patched automatically by Web24
  • If you are running your own dedicated server and wish to get the best performance out of each server then Operating System Level Virtualization may be a better choice.


What are Cloud Servers?

Cloud Servers are Virtual Machines that run on Web24 Public Cloud Infrastructure. Cloud Servers come in a wide range of flavours such as Windows, Linux, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian and more...

In addition to Cloud servers, we provide Cloud Dedicated Servers (a stepping stone to your own Private Cloud) and full Private Clouds with dedicated access

Private Clouds for enterprise customers provide

  • Isolated and dedicated cloud infrastructure (hardware)
  • Highly available, self healing and geo-diverse Virtual Machines
  • Unlimited VM creation
  • Full cloud management suite
  • Disaster Recovery
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